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General Information

  • Travel / Carriage by Air Carnival using a ticket shall be subject to conditions of carriage of Air Carnival. Air Carnival shall in no event be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of (or) in any way connected with the use of this website (or) for any information, products, and services. (Other than carriage by air)
  • While every effort has been made to ensure the provision of correct and up to date information through this website, Air Carnival does not make any warranties (or) shall not be liable for the accuracy of such information. This information is subject to changes by Air Carnival without notice.
  • These Conditions of Carriage shall apply only if the origin and destination of a Flight Segment are within India.
  • Non-Smoking Flights: The Government of India prohibits smoking on all Air Carnival flights. As a separate precautionary measure, all toilets are fitted with smoke detectors.
  • Air-Carnival informs all passengers about flight advancements, Delays, and cancellation through SMS alerts, requested to ensure that the passenger's mobile number are entered while booking tickets.
  • No compensation shall be payable to any of the affected passenger(s) in the event of adequate contact information (i.e. mobile number or email) has not been provided by the passenger(s) at the time of effecting the reservation.
  • While compiling this information, Air Carnival has endeavored to ensure that all information is correct. However, no guarantee or representation is made to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained here. This information is subject to changes by Air Carnival without notice.
  • If the holder of the credit/debit card is not the passenger, then the passenger needs to produce:
    1)A photocopy of both sides of the credit card, which will have to be self-attested by the credit card holder authorizing the use of the credit card for the purchase of the ticket. For security reasons, please strike out the Card Verification Value (CVV) code on the copy of your credit card.
    2) This photocopy should also contain the name of the passenger, the date of journey and the sector on which the travel is made. The above document MUST be produced at the time of check-in. 
    If the passenger fails to comply with the above conditions, Aircarnival reserves the right to deny the passenger(s) from boarding.

Passengers can make reservations at the following Points of Sale

  • Air Carnival Website (aircarnival.in)
  • By contacting the 24/7 Call Centre: 1800-1232-200
  • Airport Ticketing Counters/ City Ticketing Offices
  • Online Travel Portals
  • Travel Agencies
  • Mobile Apps (Android & Ios)

An Itinerary receipt issued contains the PNR and the details of reservations. An Itinerary receipt is a valid document to enter the airport and for check-in. Air Carnival does not issue open Bookings; hence no period of validity is applicable to the Bookings & the tickets are always non-transferable.

Fares & Taxes:

The total fare amount includes: Airline base fare, fuel surcharges, airport charges and taxes imposed by the government / airports, transaction charges. These fare components may undergo a change at any time without notice. Currently Air Carnival's surcharges include:

A Non-Refundable Web convenience fee of INR 150 per passenger per segment will be charged for all transaction made from www.aircarnival.in.

Fares and schedules are subject to change without notice, please refer to detailed fare rules at time of booking.


Rebooking can be done at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure with modification charges of INR 1500 per Passenger per Sector along with the fare difference.

Name change and sector change are not permitted.


Air Carnival allows cancellation of bookings to be made at-least 2 hours prior to flight departure., as below:

Time of Cancellation before scheduled departure

Applicable Charges (in INR)

Between 0 Hours - 2 Hours

This period is treated as No Show.

Between 2 Hours – 7 Days

INR. 2,250

Beyond 7 Days

INR. 2,000

"In case, the Total Air fare (Base fare + All Taxes) is lower than the applicable Cancellation charges, then the entire Air fare (Base fare + All Taxes) will be retained as the Cancellation Fee."

If the Passenger does not check in for a flight at least 45 (forty-five) minutes prior to the departure time he/she will be considered as ‘No show’, total fare will be forfeited, however, the Passengers shall be, entitled to a refund of airport taxes

Any manual refund takes a minimum of 7 working days for processing. All refunds have to be collected only from the point of purchase of the ticket.

At the time of check-in, passengers should present a valid itinerary with valid photo identification and for Infants Valid Birth Certificates.

Passengers are advised to report for Check-in at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Check-in closes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Those who failed to turn up before 45 minutes of departure time will be considered a "No Show" and the Passenger shall be eligible for only taxes as a refund.

The boarding gate will be closed 30 minutes prior to the departure time. The passengers are required to be present at the boarding gate before the time specified by Air Carnival when they check-in, failing which they will be considered as "Gate No Show".

Denied Boarding:

Air Carnival reserves the right to deny boarding to any Passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for health, safety or security reasons or in the absence of adequate travel documents and no compensation as referred above shall be payable in such cases.

Web Check-in:

Passenger check-in at Air Carnival’s website begins 24 hours prior to departure of the flight and closes 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Passengers carrying any check-in Baggage after web check-in will have to report 2 hours prior to flight departure.

Air Carnival reserves the right to cancel any booking and remove any Passenger from web check-in if the booking is found to have been purchased using fraudulent means.

Web check-in is not available for the following:

 Group Passenger bookings

 Passenger travelling with infants

 Passenger requiring special assistance

 Unaccompanied minors

 Passenger on any discounted fares.

4-1) Checked Baggage:

Air Carnival allows Checked Baggage as below:

Up to 15kgs per adult/ child.


From 16KGs – 20KGs

a flat rate of INR 100 per kg

more than 20KGs

a flat rate of INR 300 per kg

  • No free baggage allowance for infants.

4-2) Hand Baggage:

The Passenger may carry a maximum of one piece of cabin Baggage not exceeding 7 kgs, with a maximum size of L-50cm, W-25cm, H-20cm.

4-3) International Connecting flight baggage policy

For bookings made after 01Oct 2016 00:01 HRs, the below conditions apply.

Passengers traveling by Air Carnival flight after arrived from an international destination within 24 hours or to board a flight to an international destination within 24 hours, would be entitled to carry free checked in baggage as prescribed below:

Air Carnival allows free Checked Baggage up to 15kgs per adult and child. For excess baggage of 16KGs – 30KGs, a flat rate of INR Rs 100 per kg would be charged towards excess baggage. For excess baggage of more than 30KGs, a flat rate of INR Rs 300 per kg would be charged towards excess baggage.

The above-mentioned baggage rates of international connecting flight applicable only if the passengers produce their international airline ticket(s), at the time of check in.

  •  No free baggage allowance for infants.
  •  Hand Baggage remains same as 7Kg of one piece.

4-4) Unacceptable baggage:

a). Air Carnival reserves the right to refuse carriage of such items (permissible / prohibited goods) found in the Baggage as stated below.

  •  Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft such as those specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, also as per local laws & regulations..
  •  Compressed gasses like deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous such as butane oxygen, liquid nitrogen, aqualung cylinders and compressed gas cylinders.
  •  Corrosives items, explosives, munitions, fireworks, and flares, ammunition including blank cartridges handguns, fireworks, pistol caps, swords, knives and similar items.
  •  Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter refills, lighter fuel, matches, paints, thinners, fire-lighters, lighters that need inverting before ignition, matches (these may be carried on the person), radioactive material, briefcases and attached case with installed alarm devices, Oxidizing materials such as bleaching powder and peroxides.
  •  Poisons and infectious substances such as insecticides, weed-killers, and live virus materials.
  •  Fish (including, seafood), animals, birds, insects in any form, whether live and/or dead and/or frozen and/or dried.
  •  Other dangerous articles such as magnetized materials, offensive or irritating materials;
  •  Human or animal remains.
  •  Live or dead animals;
  •  Items, which, in our reasonable opinion, are unsuitable for carriage by reason of their weight, shape, size or character.
  1. b)  Air Carnival will not be responsible for or have any liability in respect of, articles removed from the Passenger's Baggage by airport security personnel acting in accordance with any applicable laws and/or regulations.

c). For reasons of safety and security, Air Carnival may request the passenger to permit a search to be made of his or her person and his or her baggage, and may search or have searched the passenger's baggage in their absence, if the passenger is not available, for the purpose of determining whether he or she is in possession of or whether his or her baggage contains any item described or any arms or ammunitions which have not been presented to Carrier. If the passenger is unwilling to comply with such request Carrier may refuse to carry the passenger and/or baggage.

d). Passengers are advised not to check in Valuable and Fragile Goods as Baggage. If such items are checked in as Baggage, Passengers agree that they send for carriage of such items, at their own risk. Air Carnival shall not accept any responsibility for such carriage.

  • Air Carnival offers special services for the below:
    Passengers are required to mention the requirement of the below services at the time of making the Booking. Air Carnival reserves the right to deny these services to Passengers if not requested in advance.
  • 5-1. Wheel chair-bound Passengers


    Air Carnival committed to providing all possible assistance to the persons with disability and reduced mobility.

    Air Carnival allows persons with reduced mobility and disability to travel with their assistive aids, device, escorts (subject to availability).stretcher and guide dogs are not allowed in Air Carnival due to Aircraft restrictions Passenger with disability and reduced mobility must notify Air Carnival of their requirement at least 48 hours prior departure to make necessary arrangements, which may include but not limited to the following.

    a) Nature and level of special assistance require during embarking, disembarking and during in-flight.
    b) Mobility equipment and assistive devices that need to be carried by Airline either in cabin and/or aircraft hold
    c) Requirement of escort

    Wheelchairs are not allowed on board Air Carnival flights. A passenger who intends to check in with their own wheelchair shall be given the option of using station/Airport Wheelchair.
    Acceptance of automated wheelchair/assistive devices using batteries shall be subject to the application of relevant regulations concerning dangerous goods.

    The Medical clearance/Medical certificate will be required if the passenger

    a) Suffers from any disease, which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable
    b) Who, because of certain diseases, or incapacitation may have or develop and adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight and on safety and emergency evacuation procedures
    c) Would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flights
    d) There exists a possibility of medical condition aggravated during or because of the flight
    e) Would be traveling in a stretcher or incubator
    f) Needs medical oxygen during the flight

    Passengers having any of the conditions mentioned above shall produce a medical certificate from a qualified registered medical doctor stating that.

    a) The passenger is capable of completing the flight journey safely without requiring extraordinary medical assistance during the flight.
    b) Disease or infection would not under the present condition be communicable to other passengers during the normal course of flight journey
    c) Precautions that would have to be observed to prevent the transmission of disease or infection to other persons in the normal course of flight journey

  • 5-2. Pregnant Women
    In the case of normal pregnancies, expectant mothers till the end of 32 weeks of pregnancy may be permitted to fly provided there are no prior complications. Fit-to-fly certificate is a must from 28th week till the end of the 32nd week, Certificates from the treating obstetrician is required stating the number of weeks the pregnancy has advanced and that the Passenger is fit to travel by air, which be valid for three days only, from the date of issue, excluding issue date. Passengers are required to fill an indemnity bond at the airport before the flight.
  • 5-3. Unaccompanied Minors (UNMR)
    Unaccompanied minors, aged between 5 -12 years will be accepted for travel under the following conditions, and upon payment of an additional fee of INR 1000 per Sector. A parent or guardian is required to complete a signed UMNR form at the point of check-in, at departure airport prior to travel, which must include the name and contact numbers of a parent/guardian, who will meet the unaccompanied minor at the point of arrival; Valid photo-ID for both the unaccompanied minor and the parent or guardian is required at the point of check-in; The parent or guardian must remain at the airport until the flight has departed.

     Unaccompanied Minor Form Download Link

  • 5-4. Infants
    Newborn babies aged between 8 days to 2 years are considered as "Infants", and will not be provided a separate seat and should be seated on an adult's lap (No bassinet seat). A maximum of one Infant is allowed per adult. No baby/car seats or pushchairs are allowed in the aircraft cabin.

  • As required by applicable law, all Customers will be subjected to a security screening prior to boarding the aircraft.

Itineraries (in hard copies) will be checked at the time of entering the terminal building. Checked Baggage will be screened through an X-ray machine before check-in. Random physical checks are also carried out for Checked Baggage in addition to X-ray screening.

  • As per security regulations, Customers will be required to undergo personal frisking and their Hand Baggage will be X-rayed before entering the pre-boarding sterile area.
  • Checked Baggage reconciliation is carried out through an internal matching system. In addition to the Baggage reconciliation, the physical identification of the Checked Baggage by the Customers may be carried out. Unidentified Baggage will not be loaded onto the aircraft.

A secondary security check may also be carried out near the step ladder/boarding gate before embarkation as stipulated by BCAS

According to security regulations, Customers are advised

  •  Not to accept any packets from unknown persons.
  •  Not to leave Baggage unobserved at any time, especially within airport area.
  •  Unattended Baggage may be removed by airport security staff as object of suspicion.
  •  To declare before Baggage screening or check-in if carrying any arms or explosive Substance. Concealment is an offense under Aircraft Act and Rules.
  •  Battery cells / Dry cells carried in the Cabin Baggage or in any electrical/ electronic items are liable to be removed and Air Carnival may not be in a position to return such removed items same at the Customer’s destination. Air Carnival recommends that such items be carried in Checked Baggage.

All Baggage should be clearly labeled with the Customer’s name, address and contact details.

7-1) Cancellation policy:

Air Carnival committed to facilitating passenger during cancellation and delay. In order to reduce the inconvenience caused to the passengers as a result of the cancellation of the flights on which they have booked to travel, Air Carnival will take maximum effort to inform passengers at least two weeks prior schedule time of departure and arrange a refund to the passengers.

If the cancellation informed less than two weeks before and up to 24 hours of the schedule departure time Air Carnival will offer alternate flight/refund as acceptable to the passengers.

If passengers are informed of cancellations less than 24 hours, Air Carnival shall provide compensation as mentioned below:

a) INR 5000 OR booked basis fare + fuel surcharge whichever is less for the block time upto and including one hour
b) INR 7500 OR booked basis fare + fuel surcharge whichever is less for the block time upto and including two hours
c) INR INR 10000 OR booked basis fare + fuel surcharge whichever is less for the flights having block time more than two hours

No financial compensation will be paid to the passengers who have not provided adequate contact information at the time of booking and if the cancellation occur due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of Air Carnival even if all reasonable measures taken by Air Carnival

7-2) Delay Policy:

Air Carnival shall provide necessary facilities to the passengers during delay when the flight is delayed by more than two hours.
a) Meals and refreshment
b) Hotel accommodation for creeping delay if necessary

7-3) Denied boarding policy:

If the boarding is denied by Air Carnival even if the pax were given confirmed booking for travel on the flight and pax reported for flight well within the specified time ahead of the scheduled departure of the flight, Air Carnival shall provide compensation to the pax as mentioned below:

a) An amount equal to 200% of booked one-way basic fare + fuel surcharge, subject to maximum of Rs.10,000, incase if Air Carnival arrange alternate flight which is scheduled to depart within 24 hours of the original departure time
b) An amount equal to 400% of booked one-way basic fare + fuel surcharge, subject to maximum of Rs.20,000, in case if Air Carnival arrange alternate flight which is scheduled to depart more than 24 hours of the original departure time
c) Incase passenger does not opt for alternate flight, Air Carnival shall refund full value of ticket and compensation equal to 400% of booked one-way basic fare + fuel surcharge subject to maximum of Rs.20,000

No compensation will be provided by Air Carnival if it provides alternate flight which is scheduled to depart within one hour of the original schedule departure time of the initial reservation.

Air Carnival shall make a refund only to the person named in the Booking.

All refunds will be made in INR, after deducting any applicable fee and/or charges.

8-1) For Bookings made through Air Carnival website  

  •  Bookings can be canceled through call center/ Airport offices / Air Carnival website.
  •  The passenger will be informed about the cancellation by email within 24hrs with the refund ID.
  •  Refunds shall be processed to their respective credit card/debit card / net banking, within 24- 48 hours of said cancellation and may take 7-14 working days to get credited.

8-2) For Bookings made through Travel Agents/Online Travel portal:

  •  Bookings can be cancelled through respective travel agent(portal) / Call centre / Airports.
  •  Once the booking is canceled, refunds will be credited to travel agent account within 24hrs of said cancellation, thereafter the passengers are requested to approach concerned travel agent for a refund.

8-3) For Bookings made at Airport Counters/ City Ticketing Offices 

  •  Bookings can be canceled with Call center or Airport offices or city ticketing offices, only.
  •  Booking made by cash will be refunded as cash.
  •  Booking made by Credit/Debit Card in the counter, the same will be refunded as Cash / Cheque as per the amount.

8-4) Refunds against flight cancellation/ delays:

  1.  Where bookings are made through Air Carnival website, airport counters/ city ticketing offices/call center and if, the passenger opt for a full refund, same will be processed within 24 to 48 hours of said cancellation and may take 7 to 14 working days for credited.
  2.  Where bookings are made through travel agents/ online travel portals and if, the passenger opts for a full refund, same will be processed within 24 to 48 hours of said cancellation and credit will be made to travel agent account, Passengers are requested to approach concerned travel agent or travel portal.
  3. No compensation shall be payable to any of the affected passenger(s) in the event of adequate contact information (i.e. mobile number or email) has not been provided by the passenger(s) at the time of effecting the reservation;